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Brass music with lots of glitter! Join us as we perform live on stage! Fanfare Gertrude plays danceable brass music at neighborhood parties, markets, clubs, festivals, and on the streets of the city. Learn more about Fanfare Gertrude.

Watch our videos now and join us at our next live show!

Brass music band Fanfare Gertrude: “Sweet Dreams”, Festival des Fanfares de Montpellier, France 2023
“Barbie Girl” – Brass music band Fanfare Gertrude at Festival des Fanfares de Montpellier, France 2023
Fanfare Gertrude beim Festival Fanfares des Brest 2022, Video von Rosa Salm (Instagram @rosa.salm)
Fanfare Gertrude spielen Sweet dreams beim Holzmarkt, Berlin 2021
Fanfare Gertrude im Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin 2019
Brassband Fanfare Gertrude beim Festival des Fanfares de Brest, Frankreich 2022
Fanfare Gertrude performing Hurricane
Fanfare Gertrude spielt Thriller beim Festival in Brest 2022, Frankreich


Ready to join the brass music revolution?

Fanfare Gertrude – Berlin’s coolest brass band – is ready to funk up your world with Pop & Rock Brass Music! Check out our concerts and let the beats take over your feet.

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